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Can my husband regain his hearing ability?

Q: My 28 years old husband suffered from severe pain in his left ear. The doctor suggested some antibiotics and drops. He took that for a day but he started feeling giddy the next day and lost his hearing ability in the left ear completely. There was a discharge from his left ear, which was initially in the liquid form but later became thick. We got him immediately admitted to a hospital where he was put on strong antibiotic injections. His ear pain and infection reduced. He was later given 2 injections of steroids directly in his left ear too. He had severe vertigo initially, which has now settled to a large extent. Tinnitus has also reduced but there is no improvement in hearing. Please advise.

A:According to the history he seems to have suffered from acute suppurative otitis media with acute labyrinthitis. Local pathology in and around the ear should be ruled out. If there is no local cause then conservative medical treatment is the option. Though the best results are achieved with immediate treatment. The chances of hearing improvement are around 60-70%. Various options are steroids/ vasodilators/ hyperbaric oxygen. If none of these work then depending on the hearing loss hearing aid or bone anchored hearing aid is an option, which can be fitted after adequate trial.


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