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Can my husband father a child?

Q: My husband underwent semen analysis. Following is his report: Physical Examination - Volume: 0.25 ml, Liquification: 30 min, Viscosity: Increased. Chemical Examination - Reaction: Alkaline, Fructose: Absent. Microscopic Findings - no spermatozoa seen. WBCs: nil/hpf, RBCs: nil/hpf, Epithelial cells: nil/hpf, Sperm agglutinates: nil/hpf. Repeat examination suggested for confirmation. Kindly advise as early as possible, because I am very depressed. Also how should semen be collected? When in the lab, my husband gets tensed. How much amount should be collected for the test?

A:It seems that your husband has congenital absence of Vas on both side. In order to confirm that, get your husband checked up specifically for Vas by a Urologist. If confirmed on physical examination, get an ultrasound for kidneys as well. If your husband has absent vas, the only treatment will be test tube baby after aspirating/extracting sperms from his testes (PESA or TESA) followed by ICSI and IVF. This is a highly specialized procedure and is costly as well. The medical word I used may be puzzling for you, but for you it is enough to understand that you will need a test tube baby if the problem is confirmed.


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