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Can my father travel long distance after hernia surgery?

Q: My father, aged 72 years is suffering from hernia. He is likely to undergo hernia operation in the near future. He is a patient with blood pressure for the past 30 years. I am not sure but I think he had undergone a hernia operation about 20 years ago. He was taking homeopathic medicines, but had to stop, due to unforeseen circumstances. I would like to know - 1. What will be the cost and the duration of the operation? 2. After how many days will he be discharged from the hospital? 3. After how many days, will he be able to resume his normal activity? 4. Also, if he wants to go to his native place, after how many days can he travel? The travel time will take nearly about 40 hours of travel by train.

A:To answer your queries one by one: 1. The duration of the operation will be around 45-90 minutes. The cost will be dependent upon the hospital, the surgeon and the mode of surgery – Govt. Hospital should do the surgery free of cost, private hospitals will charge according to the room selected (shared/ac/deluxe etc.) The surgeon’s fees will depend on the seniority of the surgeon. The mode of surgery can be open surgery (under local, spinal or general anaesthesia) or laparoscopic surgery (keyhole). It is best to discuss with the surgeon the cost factor. 2. Normally within 3 days. If done under local, the same evening 3. He can get out of bed and move around the room the same day. Depending upon his recovery from pain he can go out of the house in a week’s time. There will be restrictions on lifting heavy objects for a period of 6 months. 4. Usually long distance travel will be permitted after 6 weeks. The surgeon will decide the patient’s fitness for travel depending on his recovery from the surgery.


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