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Can milk supplements be given to a child allergic to milk?

Q: My 2 years old nephew is allergic to all kinds of milk powder except Lactogen. My sister has tried giving soya milk, cow's whole milk, Nido for children, but he either gets rashes on his body or it gets difficult for him to pass stools (hard, so they use a suppository). Lactogen is only recommended up to 24 months; also it is not available in her city. He is not allergic to milk products like curd, ice-cream, chocolate, butter, etc. Please suggest some other milk supplement.

A:The simplest and most practical solution is not to give milk to drink. Give milk in cereal such as cornflakes or oats if that is ok. As long as he takes curd / paneer / cheese and other milk products there is no cause for worry at all. Forget about giving milk to drink. In fact more calcium and protein goes in through these other sources than by drinking milk.


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