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Can I wait to treat the hole in my left ear drum?

Q: I have been told by doctors in New Zealand that I have a hole in my left ear drum. I can hear properly from the right ear and around 80% by the left one. I have no serious problem in the ear otherwise. I do not have pain and there is no discharge. I am coming to India at the end of this year. My question is, can I hold on till that period? Will my perforated ear be able to take the arduous 19 hour flight? I am very keen to get it operated in India.

A:Going by your history, it seems you noticed the perforation recently. If there is no problem you can wait till the year end. Certain precautions like not allowing water to enter the ears, taking proper care of cold and avoiding blowing of nose are needed. Recent perforation, sometimes, heals on its own.


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