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Can I use nasal spray indefinitely?

Q: Dear doctor, I have an ENT problem - sneezing. I am using nasal spray(Fluticasone propionate aqueous nasal spray)for 2 months as per doctors advice. Now I am completely ok. But kindly let me know the following: 1. Can I use this spray for a long period say one year; 2. Does this have any side effects in the long run;and 3. Is there any harm in using this medicine?

A:Using Flixonase 2-3 months is OK, but you need to taper off the dose and use it only SOS after that. If you need sinus surgery if the symptoms come back, go for it. You can't use the spray indefinitely... though opinions differ. Persistant long term use may cause nasal mucosa changes and fungal infections.


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