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Can I undergo surgery with uncontrolled diabetes and high BP?

Q: I am a patient of diabetes and hypertension. I am facing some difficulties while urinating. I was asked for a KUB Ultrasound and the report was normal. The doctor said that my urethra has shrunk. For this he suggested Cystoscopy followed by Urethral Dilatation. My blood sugar level is quite high (random 377) and also my BP is around 150/90. Is it possible for me to go for this surgery with such a high blood sugar level and high blood pressure? Please suggest if there is any other alternate to this problem? My age is 54 years and I am not married.

A:Diabetes and blood pressure can be controlled easily and would not come in way of any surgery, provided their ill effect on heart and other organs have been checked. I would, though, like to comment on the need for Cystoscopy, on the basis of information provided. Apart from the obstruction in urinary passage, the urinary voiding problems in diabetics may also result from weak bladder muscles, due to diabetes itself. This may be checked by a voiding cystometry by your Urologist, before any endoscopic procedure.


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