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Can I travel to north eastern state?

Q: I am a 41 years old woman suffering from acute asthma for the last 30 years. It increases in the months of April-May every year. I am using nabulizer from the last four years. Will it be safe for me to travel to north-eastern states, specially by air?

A:By north-eastern states, I assume you are referring to the USA north-eastern states. As you will realise you have chronic asthma as a condition and unfortunately you have to live with the condition. No doubt you are on the appropriate medication and coping well with it. If you are meaning problems that can arise with high altitude areas oxygenation will be less than in the plains and you need to accommodate for appropriate way to transport yourself to avoid becoming short of breath and I am sure there will be experts to offer advice. I am unable to expand on this. Good luck with your travel.


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