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Can I take steroids for enhancing looks?

Q: Are steroids harmful? Some say it has very harmful effects like cancer, liver damage, feminising effects in males (growth of breast tissue), male attributes in females (deepening of voice, excessive hair growth), limb loss, heart disease/heart attacks, reduced sperm count, impotence, infertility, baldness, pain and difficulty urinating, enlarged prostate, baldness, smaller breast in women, menstrual cycle stops and adolescents experience premature closure of the growth plates (stunted growth), etc. Some say it is very good for increasing the muscle and better looks and it is also used to treat HIV positive patients, cancer, arthritis, etc. I am a 37 years old married man having wrinkles on my face, so I want to take steroids to look better. My coach at the gym suggested me to take steroids to look better. Will my married life be affected if I take steroids? How can I take steroids? Please suggest.

A:There are many types of steroids and are used in different disorders. If used for unapproved purposes, they can cause serious disorders including high blood pressure, diabetes etc. They should only be taken under advice from a qualified doctor. They have no role in making people "look better". It will be in your own interest to ignore suggestions from quacks.


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