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Can I take my father to a hill station after a bypass surgery?

Q: My father (aged 70 years, weight - 45 kgs) had undergone a bypass surgery (CABG) four months back. Post CABG he suffered from Pleural effusion twice and on both the occasions the fluid was tapped and the reports show that there is no problem. Doctor says it was a reactionary thing. The present position is that he has approximately 100 ml of fluid on both the sides. I am planning to take him to Shimla for 4 days but wonder if it is alright?. If yes, then are there any precautions to be taken?

A:Pleural effusion after bypass surgery is quite common and your doctor is right in saying that it is a reactionary thing. You can certainly take him to Shimla. You will have to stick to treatment plan as advised by your doctor/cardiologist/cardiac surgeon. If there is any breathing problem, you should consult local physician keeping in mind the possibility of pleural effusion which can be tapped easily.


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