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Can I take herbs to reduce the risk of falling sick?

Q: I am a working lady and delivered a baby when I was 32 years old (now I am 35). I had gestational diabetes and have thyroid. I read about breast and ovarian cancer and that I have chances of getting diabetes within 5 years after delivery. Hence I was looking for some herbal treatment which I can start at home so that risk of falling sick is reduced. I came to know about wheat grass and Ginseng. Please let me know if there are any herbs available so as to avoid these diseases.

A:The best way to avoid diseases is to eat a balanced diet that minimises meat and manufactured foods that include fats and chemicals. Garlic, turmeric and green tea in reasonable amounts every day may help, as do multiple vitamins which contain natural antioxidants. For energy and to help improve immunity, ginseng (from China, Korea, or the USA) or ashwagandha from India, may be of some value.


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