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Can I take flax seeds with my other vitamins during pregnancy?

Q: Are flax seeds safe to consume during pregnancy and how much can one take daily? I have a book that says if you take mega doses of B vitamins you shouldn't take flax seeds regularly as flax seeds greatly influences the effectiveness of B vitamins and multivitamins recommended in pregnancy has vitamin B. Does this mean one shouldn't take flax seeds together with the multivitamins? Please clarify?

A:It will be in your and your baby's interest not to rely and experiment with OTC products based on lay information from lay sources. A normal healthy woman during pregnancy needs just folic acid (very essential to prevent malformation in the baby) with possible addition of iron and zinc. You can take just one softule a day of Globac (that contains folic acid and iron) during the course of pregnancy. You do not need other vitamins and must avoid large doses of vitamin A since it can lead to malformation of the baby.


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