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Can I take Domperidone for irritable bowel syndrome?

Q: I have stomach problems for the last 3 years. I am unable to pass stools completely and some times get pain in the lower left abdomen. I have undergone colonoscopy and biopsy. But nothing was found. The doctor diagnosed my problem as irritable bowel syndrome. He prescribed Panadoc or Eubioz (Lacobacillus acidophilus) capsule regularly. I feel only 40% relief when I take Panadoc or Eubioz capsule. Sometimes I use Domperidone capsule, after which I feel 90% relief. Can I use domperidone in place of Panadoc/Eubioz? For how long can I use domperidone?

A:Unfortunately the cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not known; hence curative agents are not available. Symptomatic treatment involves dietary changes (avoid coffee, legumes, cabbage and other foods that cause worsening of the symptoms), use of high fibre and bulking agents, the use of antispasmodic pain-killers (for severe cramps), laxatives and prokinetic agents such as domperidone to treat constipation. There is no evidence that medicines like Eubioz have any role in the management of IBS. In the absence of definitive therapy, drug manufacturers often promote their brands for this disorder even though there is no known benefit. As you know the signs and symptoms of IBS are episodic in nature i.e. they increase and decrease and sometimes even disappear in mild cases but then they reappear. If your major problem is constipation, then you can take domperidone on an SOS basis (i.e. when required).


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