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Can I take dietary supplements to gain mass?

Q: My age is 23 years and I have been doing weight training for the last 1 year. My stamina and strength of muscles are excellent. But the problem is that I am not gaining enough mass. I am taking food at regular intervals 4 times a day. I would like to take dietary supplements to gain more mass. Is it okay to take these supplements?

A:My recommendation has always been to stay away from any artificial enhancers because of many reasons, risk to health being one of them. Since there are not too many strict regulations on the manufacturing or marketing of these products, one is not sure of what one is ingesting.

Thus continue with what you are eating without too much support from any unnatural source of nutrition. You may be able to bring about some difference if you change your routine once in every month to shake the body from getting complacent. This might help you get what you require but patience is the key. And safety is the important element.


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