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Can I regain my hearing ability?

Q: I am a 25 years old man having a hearing problem since childhood. I cannot hear properly in places with loud noises like classrooms, road, etc. I got sinusitis 4 years back and had severe cough. After treatment I got relief but the hearing problem continues. While travelling and in cold places, I feel pain and at the age of 20 I lost my hearing ability completely?. Now I am deaf. For the past 4 years I am deaf and cannot use hearing aids too. However, I can hear large sounds like shutting the door strongly, but for communication purpose, I am deaf. Please advise.

A:If hearing is lost totally, it can be restored by cochlear implant. Investigations will be required to confirm the chances of success. If you have good speech and post lingual, you have excellent chances of leading a normal life after implant. Sinusitis is an all inclusive term. Perhaps you require investigation for rhino sinusitis by radiology and allergy investigations to define the extent of disease before definitive advice can be given.


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