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Can I marry a person who has had a kidney transplant?

Q: This query is regarding kidney transplant. One man I met recently had a kidney transplant six years ago and the kidney was given to him by his mother. I want to marry this person. He seems to be normal now. Please tell me whether the decision I have taken is right or wrong and what is the life of a transplanted kidney? He is 33 years old now. Is he going to be more ill than normal people? Please also tell me whether I should look forward to a normal married life with him and if he has to undergo another kidney transplant later on, will it be as normal as anyones kidney transplant operation?

A:Kidney transplantation is the best treatment modality for patients with kidney failure as it is the only modality of treatment, which makes a person nearly a normal person. A transplant recipient has to take life long medicines to prevent rejection of the transplanted kidney and thus they are at higher risk of infections, malignancies and cardiovascular disease which gives them a lower survival chance than a normal person. However the risk of infections is higher in 1st two years after transplant and the chances are progressively less subsequently. The person whom you want to marry is already six years post transplant and has passed the initial unpredictable time (usually 1st 2 years) when chances of rejections and infections are high. I hope his kidney function is normal and if it is so then he should do well in future also. Transplant recipients with normal kidney function, have a normal married life and can become parents and can enjoy both fatherhood & motherhood. Second transplant or a third transplant are possible and have been done here as well as in the west. To answer your question whether your decision is right or wrong is difficult, as that cannot be answered on basis of scientific facts only. The facts as well as statistical chances of survival and troubles that can arise, I have talked about. I can say if you like him, and you accept the above mentioned facts, your decision is right. I hope I have clarified your doubts however if there any other questions that still remain in the mind, do email them.


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