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Can I make the head of my fetus turn down?

Q: I am 29 years old and 33 weeks pregnant and my baby’s head has not turned down yet. My doctor says that since the baby is in posterior position, she will have to do a caesarean delivery. I am worried about this. Is there any possibility that my baby’s head would turn downwards in the forthcoming weeks? Please let me know if there is any method by which I could have a normal delivery?

A:I guess you mean that the baby’s head is in the upper part of the uterus (breech presentation). If yes, then the baby can sometimes turn - even up to the time of labour. However, there are other factors that influence the turning of the baby like amount of amniotic fluid, malformation in shape of uterus, and type of breech presentation, size of baby, etc. As of now it is difficult to say. One can advise you regarding the type of delivery at 37 weeks of pregnancy. If everything is normal at present (except for baby’s head being up), you can try this simple method that helps in turning the baby to head down - lie in the bed with the foot end of the bed raised on a brick. Lie down for 3 hours in the afternoon and 10 hours at night - that does help in turning the baby to head down position. If a c-section is required, do not worry - it is safe these days.


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