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Can I give toned milk to my child?

Q: What is toned milk? I don't find pasteurised or full cream milk for my 1 year old baby in India. Is homogenised, standardised or toned/double toned milk alright for a growing one year old baby?

A:Toning can be defined as the addition of the constituted skimmed milk to whole buffalo milk so as to reduce the fat to 3%. Its nutritive value is almost similar to that of the fresh cows milk. It is a useful source of protein for special conditions such as malnourishment, pregnancy, etc. Double toned milk is prepared by mixing cows milk or buffalo milk with fresh skimmed milk or skimmed milk reconstituted from skimmed milk powder so that the fat content is not less than 1.5%. Its nutritive value is similar to that of toned milk except for lower fat and vitamin A contents. Milk is a great source of calcium, protein and vitamin D for grown ups and kids. Children should drink whole milk when they are switched from breast milk to cows milk at one year of age. These young children need calories from fat as well as essential fatty acids for growth and brain development, and this is especially important in the first 2 years of life. Next, switch to skimmed or low fat milk at age 2 years. Making the switch at an early age is much easier than doing it when your child is older, when they are more likely to notice and be resistant to switching to low fat milk. Still, even with your younger child, you can make a gradual switch, going first to 3% milk and than later switching again, this time to 1.5% milk or skimmed milk. At one year, 1 cup of whole milk would be ideal. An early switch to low fat milk also helps to ensure healthy habits for the rest of your childs life, as he will be more likely to continue to drink low fat milk as a teen and adult, instead of higher fat, and calories in, whole milk. You can give him 3 small cups of low fat milk a day from 2 years of age.


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