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Can I give medicine to make my child gain weight?

Q: My sister aged 22y was always extremely thin. She took Cypon tonic for a period of 2 months and amazingly put on about 5 to 7kg when many earlier tonics had failed. My daughter is two and half and extremely thin weighing a little less than 10kg. I am very tempted to try giving her Cypon for a month and see the difference. Please advise if I can give it to her and what must be the dosage and how many times during the day?

A:Your daughter weighing 10 kg at 2 years, if is active and performing well for her age, why do you want to make her fat. Medications like cypon may sometimes stimulate appetite but may also be associated with side effects. It is best to avoid them. If a child is unwell or has a sign of illness then you should consult your pediatrician. I would not advise this medication to be used in a other wise healthy and thin child.


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