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Can I get the frenulum removed?

Q: I am a 30 years old man who had a circumcision done two months back. My frenulum was not removed during circumcision, but now I feel that it has become very sensitive causing me to ejaculate in the pants, whenever I have an erection. Is it advisable to have the frenulum removed? What is the importance of having a frenulum? I have also noticed a small lump near the frenulum, which cannot be seen but can be felt. This lump does not pain but sometimes itches. Please advise.

A:The frenulum is usually spared during circumcision. The frenulum gets stretched during intercourse and supposed to be providing the pleasure of sex. In fact, the frenulum is colloquially known as the "sex nerve" in France. Although the stretch of frenulum may provide stimulus for ejaculation, the premature ejaculation is known to occur after circumcision for phimosis. The bared glans, which is hypersensitive initially, is the source of constant stimulus. Gradually the sensitivity of the glans gets less and things are likely to improve. You may apply a local anaesthetic like xylocain jelly for temporarily suppressing the glans sensitivity.


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