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Can I get joint pains due to excessive exercise?

Q: I am a healthy 29 years old male, very active physically. I exercise almost daily (4-6 days a week). I walk, jog, cycle alternately. The average time spent on my workout is 1 hour. Should I worry about developing any kind of joint pains due to excessive exercise? Recently I brought a new pair of shoes, which were a bit uncomfortable. But anyhow I walked in them a couple of times. Since then, I have developed a pain which arises after ten minutes of walking in the inner arch of my left feet. This pain occurs even if I am wearing any shoes. Please advise.

A:You are doing well by alternating your workout schedule. If your 1 hour workout includes cardiovascular exercises, some muscular work and stretching exercises, then I think that is fine and not going above the limit. Since your pain has started only from the time you have bought these shoes, the shoes might actually be at fault. If your arch is hurting, you may want to try getting an arch support (Dr Scholls has good ones) or you can make a temporary one for yourself with cotton. Also, you might like to cut down on your jogging for the time being, till the arch feels better. Make sure that you stretch each of your muscles before and after your workout.


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