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Can I do weight training exercises everyday?

Q: I am 31 years old. A month back I joined a health club. Every day I walk 30 minutes to get to my work place. I walk 4 times at the health club daily. What kind of exercise is suitable for me? I feel that my body is not strong enough. I weigh 65 kg, my arms are very thin about 11 cm, my height is 5 feet 6 inches, my stomach is big around 36 inches. My friend says that I should not do weight training exercises everyday and I should go to the gym only thrice a week. Kindly suggest an exercise routine for me. Can I take amino acid tablets for muscle gain? What is the benefit of taking a sauna-steam bath after exercising? I work for 10 hours everyday.

A:Yes, your friend is right. You should do your work-outs thrice a week so that your muscles get the relaxation which is a must so that you can strengthen them again. If muscles are not relaxed adequately, fatigue sets in and you will go one step backward instead of moving forward. For your kind of a problem, you will have to work out some balanced exercise programme with your instructor. Sauna and Steam are basically for relaxing the tired muscles after the work-out and have a tonic effect on the tired muscles.


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