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Can I do heavy weights after surgery for internal piles?

Q: I had internal piles and underwent scaleo therapy about 6 months back. I have not faced any problems after that. I used to do heavy weights and would like to know, if I can go back to doing heavy weights? If not, can I do freehand exercises and light weights? Please advise as I would like to take up some form of exercise.

A:It would be advisable to do free hand exercises and light weights for the time being. With some ingenuity, you can increase the intensity of your exercises. If you are doing push-ups for example, first start off in box position, that is knees under the hips. As you get comfortable doing this, you can then extend so that the knees are further back, and then do the push-ups. Once you have reached comfort level in this and feel the need to increase your intensity (this will of course take a couple of weeks), you can then do a full push-up with your knees off the ground. After this you can rest your feet on a small stool to increase the intensity. In the same way, do the other free hand exercises. That way you can use your brain muscles as well! All the best.


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