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Can hypothyroidism be treated permanently?

Q: My 24 years old wife delivered her first baby boy 8 months back. During her pregnancy, she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. After delivery, the thyroid levels of both my wife and my baby came out to be normal. However, my wife is now experiencing body pain, tiredness and weakness. Her thyroid and cholesterol levels are too high. The doctor has prescribed her a medicine that is to be eaten daily half an hour before breakfast for all her life to come. Please answer my following queries:-

  1. Is the any permanent solution to get rid of hypothyroidism?
  2. Why did my wife’s thyroid levels rise?
  3. Is there any threat to her life?
  4. Will there be any impact on our married life?
  5. Can she conceive again?
  6. How can she lead a healthy life?


  1. There is no permanent cure of hypothyroidism. In this disease thyroid gland is making enough thyroxine, therefore we are supplementing from outside.
  2. Most common cause is antibodies against thyroid cells or enzyme called as TPO. These destroy the gland. Few decades ago iodine deficiency used to be major cause but with universal iodization program this has been taken care of.
  3. There is no threat to life and this is a patient friendly disease. If someone keeps TSH in normal range with medications then he/she can live like a normal person. Like well treated diabetes mellitus there are no long standing complications.
  4. There is no effect on married life.
  5. There is no impact on children if someone takes medication regularly. Definitely there are more chances of children to have hypothyroidism during their life.
  6. No specific precautions for healthy life. Just live a healthy life style.


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