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Can frozen food be given to a baby?

Q: I am giving my 4 month old baby frozen food like mashed carrots, potatoes etc which I make 3-4 days earlier and freeze in ice trays. I take the number of cubes I require at a time and heat in a pan of boiled water. I would like to know is it equally nutritiuos as food cooked daily and how long can I keep frozen food out if it is heated once.

A:Exclusive breast feeding is now recommended for first six months of age. However, at 4 months of age baby should preferably be introduced to simple cereals like suji, daliya and gradually other cereals like Dal, Curd, vegetable soup can be added during the next month. It is preferable to give freshly made cereals. In case you use frozen foods, it should be made, frozen and used after heating them , but don't refreeze them again. Once ready-for-use, consume with in couple of hours.


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