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Can frequent cleaning of ears cause problems?

Q: I am 23 years old male. My ear seems to be blocked due to wax. But recently I watched a TV show where an ENT specialist said that it is not good to clean our ears very often as it can cause more damage than help. So I started cleaning once in 2 weeks. But right now I feel my ears are blocked. I am able to hear what people speak but I am scared whether it will lead to more problems. Is it alright not to clean ears frequently? How often do I need to clean my ears and what should I use? Also, please suggest what I should do to treat my hearing problem. Do I need to go to a doctor now for cleaning my ears?

A:It is advisable not to use any object (such as a cotton bud, etc.) to clean your ears. In doing so, you are likely to cause more damage. Also, the wax in your ear may be pushed inward. In order to keep the wax in your ear soft and allow it to come out on its own, you are advised to use a few drops of oil (olive, almond or mustard) weekly. You should not have your ears cleaned on a regular basis. However, if you do need to have your ears cleaned, please see an ENT specialist who will do so under direct observation.


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