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Can flat foot cause pain in the heels?

Q: I am flat footed. Of late I get pain in one spot in my right heel while walking. The pain is tolerable but dissuades me from walking as it gets worse when I continue walking. Please suggest a remedy/treatment.

A:I need to know your age. Flat foot does not necessarily cause pain. There are scientific studies which do not link flat foot to any bad outcomes. However, they may be a cause of concern especially when there is pain involved. There are many causes of heel pain which can occur even in an individual without flat foot. It can be plantar fascitis. Orthotics tend to help by give passive support to the arch. You can try longitudinal arch support or cushion C-shaped heel - tapered, wedged. Many patients benefit from these inserts. You can put your feet in warm water twice daily and it can provide more comfort. In cases of long standing deformity, there may have been arthritic changes in the foot. A radiographic examination can show that. Treatment can be directed towards the cause. You may benefit from seeing an orthopaedist.


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