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Can epilepsy in children be cured?

Q: My 9 years old daughter is suffering from epilepsy. When she gets seizures, her right leg stops working and her eyes goes up. For the last two years, we have started giving her Valparin – 5 ml (morning and evening) and Osteo Calcium – 5 ml (once in morning). After starting these syrups, she did not get any seizure for 17 months but recently; she had a seizure again. This time only right leg was not working but the eyes were normal. After this episode, the doctor has increased the dosage of Valparin to 5 ml in morning and 7.5 ml in evening. Is it safe? Can't epilepsy be treated permanently?

A:Approximately, 70% of children with epilepsy will go in remission, and about 30% will continue to have seizures. The prognosis depends upon the cause of her convulsions. Generally, infrequent seizures (as in your daughter's case), normal neurological examination and development, usually a normal MRI and not grossly abnormal EEG are good indicators. Also easy control of seizures, and the use of a single medication for seizure control are considered to be good signs. The cause of seizure in your child is likely low dose of the medication. I would suggest that the dose be increased to 7.5 ml twice a day. Do not miss the medicines and give it at a regular time daily. The medication is a time-tested drug with a favourable safety profile. Your doctor would have monitored your child for side effects.


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