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Can dialysis treatment reduce if urine output increases?

Q: Will dialysis treatment for a kidney failure patient, who has end stage renal disease come down if the urine output increases? Is there any danger to his life?

A:When kidney is irreversibly damaged by disease processes and kidney function is less than 10-15 % it is called End Stage Renal Disease. In such a stage a person can live either with a new kidney (kidney transplant) or by dialysis which cleanses the blood of the impurities (replaces part function of the kidney). Dialysis is a life saving procedure and allows a person with kidney failure to liver longer. Good urine output does not always mean good kidney function. There are many patients on dialysis whose urine output is normal or more. It is the quality of urine, which matters. Many such patients have good water output but kidneys cannot remove waste products from the body.


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