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Can corticosteroids be taken for treating recurrent nasal polyps?

Q: I am a 53 years old male suffering from recurring nasal polyps. I had an endoscopic nasal surgery five years back and following it took a course of steroids for two days. The polyps disappeared at that time. How many times can I take oral steroid? Is Prednisolone for 16 days harmful?

A:Nasal polyps have a tendency to recur. Occasional dose of corticosteroids has been recommended if nasal breathing is impaired. Better consult a doctor and keep check on blood pressure and blood sugar and always take it with an antacid. Surgical removal is required again if opening in sinus gets closed or fungal debris is seen. Do not repeat drugs like steroid without medical supervision. Steroids are not harmful in proper dose and in some diseases like sarcoidosis or Wegener's etc., they are used for a long time.


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