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Can constipation lead to piles?

Q: I am 36 years old. I am suffering from constipation. Ever since this problem has occurred, I have developed a piles under my lower anal region, which is painful during stool. According to the doctor, the stool hardness has damaged an internal blood vessel. He prescribed an ointment Fukto. It was OK for some time, but I feel the pain again. Does it lead to piles or fistula? Do I need medical consultancy?

A:Development of piles is a common problem in those having long standing constipation. In your case, constipation is likely to be the cause of piles. For this you need to see your doctor in order to find out the reason for your constipation, because as long as the constipation is not taken care of, the problem of piles will keep on recurring. You must take stool softeners or fibre supplements so that you do not pass hard stools. For piles local application of ointments as you are applying along with sitz bath often gives good relief.


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