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Can change of weather cause lung disease?

Q: Can change of weather cause COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary or Lung Disease)? My mother, aged 63 years, is a Rheumatic Heart patient with COPD. She has a tendency to clear her throat continuously, sometimes it is very severe. She is taking nebulizer at home. But it is not having any impact. At present she is taking: Lasix, Repace, Cardarone and Nitrofix. What should I do for her cough?

A:Change of weather does not cause COPD though environmental pollution can do so. Your mother probably has a sinusitis with a post nasal discharge and should be treated with decongestants as well as steroid nasal spray. This is assuming that her chest X-ray does not show any significant lung shadows and she does not have asthma.


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