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Can cancer of the colon be treated effectively?

Q: My brother went to a gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy after he had loose motion. The result of the colonoscopy are - An ulcerated infiltrating lesion with polyps in ascending colon in lower half. Ileo-Caecal valve is gaping. Terminal ileum is dilated but its mucosa is normal. The doctor has taken tissues for biopsy and we are expecting the results soon. The doctor is convinced that it is malignant. My brother is absolutely gutted, as he is only 34 years old. This has come as a shock to him. He is worried in case it is malignant. The doctor said that regardless of whether the node is malignant or not, it has to be removed. Is this true? Where can this type of colorectal surgery be done in India? In worst case of it being malignant, how effective are the treatment procedures? Is there a very high chance of it occurring again?

A:In the worst case scenario, it is malignant, it needs to be removed and cancer of colon carries very good prognosis, as long as it has not gone outside the wall. Even if it has, chemotherapy is very effective. If it is non malignant, I agree because of the size, it needs to be removed. If benign, it needs laparoscopic surgery, will have a shorter recovery time. I am based in USA. Larger hospitals like Apollo will have the expertise.


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