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Can BMP-7 reverse chronic renal failure?

Q: I am 28 years old male suffering from mild chronic renal failure (CRF). I am non-diabetic and non-hypertensive. This was accidently diagnosed last year and since then my renal function is stable by following diet restrictions. Otherwise I am living a normal life. I had seen a nephrologist at Apollo, Delhi and currently am being followed up at SGPGIMS, Lucknow. Recently, I have found on web search that there is a possible reversible of Renal Function by treating it with BMP-7 compound.(http://www.curis.com/product_kidney.html). This is in a late preclinical trial stage and has given real positive results. I wish to know through your expert panel when they expect to bring this therapy to India. Warm Regards Chandan Saxena

A:Bone Morphogenic Protein 7 (BMP-7) has offered renewed hopes to millions of patients suffering from chronic renal failure across the globe. Even in United States, lots of patients are agreeing to volunteer to the clinical trials already. However, this issue is not as simple as it sounds to be. First of all, US FDA has cleared BMP-7 for specific indication which is fracture of bones. Therefore, it will take an entire series of clinical trials to prove its safety and efficacy in patients suffering from chronic kidney disease. Moreover, the way it is administered for bone fracture will be entirely different from the way it will be used to treat kidney disease. Above all, the major issue that remains unsettled at this point is its safety and the adverse effects it may have. As many products which prove useful in animal studies are barred from human application for single reason of not being safe. This is not to feel discouraged but human use of BMP-7 for chronic kidney disease is still years away. Given the tremendous effect it may have on millions of people with kidney disease, such trials are usually expedited but it will still take its own time. Indeed, BMP-7 appears very promising and opens new horizons in treatment of kidney disease. It will be a bit too premature to speculate on it.


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