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Can anxiety lead to chest pain or is it heart related?

Q: I am 46 years old. For the last 6 years I am very much troubled by some pain in the chest region and an associated anxiety. I have seen at least 4 renowned heart specialists and they have all conducted ECG, echocardiography, TMT and they all gave the same verdict that my heart is perfect in all respects. They all said that I have good stress tolerance at super maximal rate and all the tests reached a 101-103% of the target. They all advised me to practice meditation and prescribed depsonil, etc. Now I am assured that the heart is ok but why does this chest uneasiness recur? I have taken at least 30 ECGs in all these years. Whenever I have a panic attack, I am rushed to the emergency ward of a hospital, only to find out a better than normal ECG. Please advise.

A:Your symptom of chest discomfort seems to be non-cardiac in origin. Some people are prone to muscular skeletal pains in the chest region. This can also be precipitated by anxiety and panic. Your evaluation done on many occasions seems quite reassuring. A simple painkiller and a tranquillizer/muscle relaxant is an adequate SOS treatment.


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