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Can an AC cause dry cough with running nose?

Q: I am suffering from dry cough with running nose from time to time since one year. When ever I take medicine I get relief for some days but after that it starts again. The coughing generally comes when the environment is cold. I have had an X-ray chest done twice and it was found to be normal. The doctor then advised a PNS X-ray which showed infection in the maxillary sinus. I was asked to see an ENT specialist and I am presently taking medicines prescribed by him for one month. The cough has decreased but my nose is still running (but less compared to before). I have to daily work in an air conditioned room. I want to know whether it is advisable to work in a room with central A.C. and how long will it will take for the sinus infection to be cured?

A:Most likely you are suffering from an allergy with nasal fluid that collects after allergy, falling at the back of your throat. This can cause a dry hacking cough for long. Temperature does have a lot to do with it. The A/C air is cold and dry and it can dry up your throat and thus take the moisture away. So keep drinking plenty of water as long as you are in the room. And also follow the advice of the local ENT person. You will be alright.


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