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Can a person with high cholesterol consume alcohol?

Q: I am a 32 years old man and my cholesterol is high. Before checking my cholestrol I was in the habit of eating a lot of eggs, cheese, butter, ice creams, chocolates, fried foods, beef, chicken, fish etc. Can you advise me as to what I should eat and how I can reduce my weight as I weigh about 86 kg. I keep to a diet but at times I like to eat the above mentioned items. Can you advise me if I could eat these items and how often? I do a lot of walking everyday too. My doctor has prescribed TG-tor 20 as medication. I would also like to know if it ok to consume alcohol as I used to do it earlier?

A:For your cholesterol problem you have to avoid egg yolk, cheese, butter, ice cream, chocolates, beef, mutton etc. Go for brisk walking daily for around 25 minutes. Regarding your weight reduction, avoid sugar and fat/oils. Alcohol is a strict NO in your case, or at most small consumption occasionaly. For better consultataion visit a dietician in person with your daily diet chart, so that you can manage your cholesterol problem and weight reduction in a proper way with regular follow ups. There would have been requirement of medication as prescribed by your doctor.


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