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Can a person with atrial septal defect lead a normal life?

Q: My parents have arranged my marriage with a 23-year-old girl. She was operated for atrial septal defect (ASD) closure of 3 cm size a year back. Can she live a normal life after being operated for ASD? Can she do routine work, office work, exercise and play? What is the life expectancy of such a person? Will there be any problem in future regarding family life? Are any precautions and regular consultations required? Will she have a normal pregnancy? Is there any heredity risk factor in children of women with ASD? What are the chances that children will also have the same defect?

A:After surgical closure of ASD, one can expect normal life. Person can do normal routine, office work and playing. In other words, person can lead a normal life. Also person can have normal married life with no effects on the children. We will advise routine periodical check up by cardiologist at least once in two years.


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