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Can a person suffering from congenital spina bifida marry?

Q: My friend, 25 years old, is suffering from congenital spina bifida. She was treated and does most activities like any other normal person. However, strenuous or continued movements like dance tend to strain her back and she experiences pain. Can a normal person marry a person with spina bifida? What are the precautions or special care to be taken in such a case? This being a congenital disease, what is the likelihood of it being passed down to the next generation? Also, can she conceive and have a normal baby?

A:I don't see any problems with marriage, especially when she is more or less functioning like any normal person. I would advise against any strenuous activity (excessive dancing for instance). Familial incidence, wouldn't worry about it too much, as difficult to state. Shouldn't be a problem during child-birth.


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