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Can a person having PCOS lose weight at a slimming centre?

Q: I am a 25 year old married woman. I have been diagnosed as having PCOS last year. My problem is weight gain due to PCOS; I have gained almost 14 kg. I wanted to join a slimming centre and have also paid the fees of Rs. 6000 for 10 kg weight loss. This is a renowned centre and focuses on mainly heat therapies and vibrators for the purpose of weight loss. They also put stress on following a diet plan. I have not yet started the sessions and my question is: Is it always true that people gain weight after some time of leaving these programmes and would you recommend me to go ahead with the programme?

A:Usually the key to weight loss with PCOS is improving glucose metabolism and reducing insulin resistance. This may be achieved by reducing carbohydrate intake and increasing exercise level. The medicines of course have their own role to play. I am afraid, the heating machines and vibrators will not give you the desired results and you may land up harming your body. The best way to reduce weight is slowly with a lifestyle change as opposed to a transitory diet which one expects to end at some point. It is healthiest to lose weight slowly and one is more likely to keep it off as well. Walking and working with weights is the best way. Lifestyle fitness where you increase your daily activity to improve fitness is the ideal way. You can choose any activity like dancing, cycling, aerobics, biking or swimming as per your choice.


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