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Can a fistula in-ano recur?

Q: Last year I was operated for Fistula in-ano. After the operation they did not close the wound. Six months later the wound healed completely but recently I found some pus formation in that area and it is becoming wet. I went to my doctor who told me to wait and see but has given some antibiotics. Whenever I take antibiotics it is ok but after 20 days the pus formation recurs. At the time of surgery the removed part was sent for biopsy test which showed that a tuberculosis (TB) granule was there. So I took DOTS therapy for 7 months. Now I am ok but for the pus formation. Can you please advise?

A:I am afraid you probably have a fistula in-ano again. This may be because the previous one has reformed or a new gland in the anus has got infected. Recurrence occurs in about 10% of cases after operation and is usually due to the walls of the excised fistula coming together and reforming the tunnel. It is sometimes, but very rarely, due to diseases like tuberculosis or Crohns. I would advise you to consult the surgeon who performed the original operation.


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