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Burning sensation - anus

Q: After I pass stool I get itching and burning sensation in and around anus. I got my stool tested which was normal except there was an abnormality of undigested food particles. In culture report it was written as Culture yeilds growth of E.Coli after 24 hours of incubation at 37 degree C. E.Coli - Normal flora. I have taken many medicine for digestion like Vizylac and enzyme tablets but got no relief. After I pass the stool I feel something(liquid) coming out of my anus which irritates me the whole day and does not even let me sit comfortably. This liquid comes more when I sit. I am not able to control this liquid or cannot prevent it from coming. I am usually comfortable in the night. I am taking light and non spicy food along with the above medication.

A:You should have sigmoidoscopy to find out what is wrong. I suspect you probably have an anal polyp which will become clear on sigmoidoscopy. The treament for this is excision.


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