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Breathing problem

Q: Hi,I am residing in bangalore, Karnataka, India. I am suffering from a kind of breathing problem for the past eight months or so. I am not very sure when this problem exactly started and the cause of the problem as well. I am having troubles in breathing through the nose at times during the day time (mostly) and some times at night as well. The frequency is atleast once in 5/10 mins I need to breath-in through my mouth as I have a feeling that the air intake is insufficient. This is making me uncomfortable most of the times. I have consulted some general physcians and took some tablets (like Novaspar and Oxyvit) for a couple of months. Also, I have been doing breathing exercises regularly as per his advice. Also, I am using helmets when I drive my two wheeler to avoid pollution. But still, the breathing trouble is not seem to have any improvement. It would be great if you could suggest me some methods. I would also like to know some thing about the breathing exercises and or other exercises or things to be followed (if any).

A:Nasal obstruction can result from allergy, inflammation or anatomical abnomality. Allergy requires the use of daily inhaled nasal preparations of steroids or antihistamines; in severe cases, oral intake of tablets of these drugs will work better. Swelling due to inflammation, such as sinusitis, may also require inhaled vasoconstictors to shrink the swollen mucous membrane. In some cases, antibiotics for 1-6 weeks are needed. In the most severe cases, nasal or sinus surgery is necessary. In all cases, if thickmucus is present, the eating of pungent spices (hot peppers, etc) can help. Breathing exercises are of limited value.


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