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Breathes very quickly

Q: I have noticed for the last about 10 days my 13 years old daughter breathes very quickly (i.e. the rate of breathing per minute is slightly quicker than the normal and takes short breathes). She is taking medicine (Tab. Cortrizole and syrup Triminic for cough).Does she have any serious problem?

A:Your thirteen year old daughter who is breathing fast needs to have herrespiratory rate counted while asleep. If she is breathing at more than14-16 times a minute consistently in sleep then she needs an evaluation bya Pediatrician. If she breathes fast only when awake and while beingobserved in the awake state then she may be doing it out of stress mostoften related to exams in 13 year old children. I see no reason why shouldbe administering her Co- Trimaxozole and Triaminic


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