brain tumour

Q: My relative was operated for an alleged brain tumour last week. The samples sent for biopsy. The result is told to us as non spesific What that means? Will it be cancerous or fungal or both / any thing to worry? Now he is not able to speak. he can only stammer. Will he regain his speech? Will he able to lead a normal life? He is very week & not able to recognize at time. he recognizes some times.What should we do in future. here Doctors say -May improve by phisiotherepy what are the chances? Pl reply. We are worried.

A:The term non-specific suggests that the pathologist studying the tissue submitted to him for microscopic examination by the surgeon could come to no conclusion at the end of his analysis. This, in turn, suggests that the surgeon may not have obtained tissue from the centre of the tumour but may have been at its periphery when he did his biopsy.The proper procedure now is to check by a fresh scan where the biopsy was done and if the site was not optimal, repeat the biopsy.Since I know nothing of how the biopsy was done, the patients condition before biopsy and neurological findings after biopsy, I cannot answer the remaining questions. You must put these to the surgeon who did the biopsy.


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