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Brain haemorrhage

Q: My friend suffered from Brain haemorrhage in Dec. 97. Instantly best possible medical aid was given and he survived with left portion paralysed. He was admitted in AIIMS in 1998 and was discharged after one week. It was told by the doctors that after sometime his clotted nerves may open automatically. No imrovement has taken place as yet. Now we have come to know that remarkable treatments as well operations are available. He is 50 yrs of age and is walking with the help of cane. He looks very healthy. Seeking your suggestion.

A:When a blood vessel bursts within the brain, the resulting clot destroys some brain tissue. In your friend, the damage appears to involve that part of the right forebrain that controls movements of the left half of his body. Since there is little improvement over 4.5 years, there is little ground for optimism. I am afraid I know of no proven and time-tested remarkable treatment or operation that can undo such damage.


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