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Bones - Pain in knees

Q: I am suffering from pain in my left leg since 4 months. The pain started in thigh and it got spread to the knee. When I consulted an orthopaedic surgeon he conducted MRI test color doppler test but found nothing. Finally he had a suspicion that it is related to vascular surgery. Could you please guide?

A:There can be various causes. A common cause, though not in your age group, is sciatica or a radiculopathy that is involvement of nerve. The best way is to do physical therapy and keep your trunk muscles in good shape. You should exercise regularly. You can also go to a physical therapist for the same. Avoid lifting weights, long rides, smoking, jumping and running. Swimming or walking is fine. You might need some over the counter pain medication at times and some hot water fomentation. But otherwise exercise is the best way to prevent a chronic course.If the pain doesnt resolve in six weeks of starting exercises, or gets worse, you should consult orthopedic surgeon again. In order to make diagnosis, higher imaging studies may have to be done. It may be difficut to find out a cause sometimes.


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