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blockage artery

Q: I had a blockage of left main artery.It was crossed by angioplasty and a stent is placed on 13th June 1997. Now five years have passed since then. Doctor had then opined that restenosis cannot be ruled out.I get frequent check ups made from time to time. The results are : BP 88/138. CVD - Normal,RS : Normal, Pulse 65. Now I am 60 years old. Normally my good cholestrol is low and bad cholestrol and triglycerides are high. I am vegtetarian. Could you kindly advise me what medicine or food I should take to increase good cholestrol and reduce triglycerides and bad cholestrol and to avoid further blockage/restenosis of the artery.I take one tab of colsprin, 1/2 tab of Amlopress A/T and one tab of Rovacor 10 mg. per day.I do not smoke or drink alcohol. I am a bachelor - never married. I do one hour walking on alternate days and the rest of the days I do one hour yoga.I would deeply appreciate your reply.

A:It is 5 years since you had angioplasty and presumably stenting of the leftmain artery.The chances of recurrence at the same site are very low now. However one has to be careful regarding new blockages since you have a tendency of getting blocks. The goal should be to keep BP less than 140/85 mms Hg. The LDL cholesterol less than 80 mgs,Triglycerides less than 150 mgs and HDL cholesterol more than 45 mgs.Regular exercise, heart healthy diet with vegetables ,fruits and coarsecereals are good. Milk products and meats should be taken in moderation only.Periodic checks and stress tests under supervision are desirable. I am sureyou have had these after the procedure.


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