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Benefits of Nutrilite Protein Powder

Q: 1. Will Nutrilite Protein Powder help in reducing weight? 2. What are the benefits and what is the dose for people who are on a diet? 4. Is this protein of help in pregnancy? 5. For joint pain how does Nutrilite glucosamine HCI with Boswella help and is it only for joint pains or can it be used for pain in other parts of the body? 6. Upto what age can it be taken?

A:Protein powders are not recommended as a part of a scientific weight management programme unless an indiviual is unable to meet normal protein requirements through his/her diet. The benefits of such Protein supplements are only when optional nutrition cannot be maintained through a normal diet such as in sickness and convalescence or increased requiremnt as in pregnancy. Since recommendation is questionable,- a dosage schedule may be difficult. In pregnancy, Nutritile may be a useful supplement. It may be advisable to discuss this supplement with an orthopaedic physician or an alternative medicine practitioner.


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