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Bad smell in babys urine

Q: My kid is 5 month old and for the last 10 days his urine is getting some bad smell. What is the reason I dont know. From fifth month onwards we are using nestle cerelac rice and lactogen-1 for milk. Is it the reason for Cerelac - rice, please give your opinion. Some times in the night he wakes up and starts crying suddenly - is he getting any pain stomach? After 15 or 30 minutes he stops crying. Please give your remedial measures.

A:When solid food is started, stool and urine colour can change and if the urine is concentrated, it may smell strong. But please get a stool and urine sample checked for routine and microscopic examination to rule out any other cause. Night time crying maybe due to wind, colic or even dreams. It is best to wake up a child completely, to see what the problem is. Usually they then go back to sleep after a short period of play.


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